I am a passionate, creative,
visionary with scrappy resilience.
My life’s motto:
A broken wing doesn’t mean you can’t fly.
— Verse

About verse

For 38 years, I repressed my desire to paint. Little did I know that along with that, I repressed my own authentic voice and vision all in the name of "empowering and helping others".

I am now 42. And still a passionate, creative, visionary with scrappy resilience. The journey that brought me to painting is full of highs and lows. I paint bold, colorful, vibrant abstract paintings, and I absolutely LOVE texture. Acrylics are my jam; but I love inks and pastels as well. As for my style; I'd say I float somewhere between figurative, abstract expressionism & mixed media. 

My spirit animal is the Butterfly. My life's motto: "A broken wing doesn't mean you can't fly." I’m a highly spiritual, deeply nurturing, and compassionate woman with a potty mouth. I LOVE this about me.


I believe wholeheartedly in empowerment +serving others

My past careers include:

  • 2009 I worked for a literary arts nonprofit teaching poetry/art workshops + facilitating book group discussions with Chicago youth in high schools. 
  • 2013  I launched my own nonprofit to offer my own creative curriculum to Domestic Violence survivors in shelters. 
  • 2014  After a meltdown, I quit everything, picked up a paintbrush to avoid going ape-shit on everyone around me and enrolled for in Massage school. I thought Massage would be my new career. Instead, I HEALED, FOUND MY AUTHENTIC VOICE  and I FELL IN LOVE with making ART. 
  • 2015 Published my first poetry collection. Gave myself permission to paint just because I loved it, and realized people wanted to buy it. My Art business was born!

Art is my access to Joy. I want this to be a truth for everyone I come in contact with. By no means am I an expert on life, but I've learned a thing or two.

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