Whitney Museum, New York City, 2017

Creativity has always been a big part of my life. Infinitely therapeutic and graciously complex - I would always find myself making things as a source of comfort. Be it a poem, a collage, a painting, a walk in nature to photograph the elements, I have found my home in art. Art has made it’s home in me, and I choose to share it with the world because well, abundance.

At the tender ages of childhood I made things, but when I was 38 a grand epiphany occured: I discovered I could make art to help me heal, and teach others to do the same. And people responded very kindly to what I made and thus the “business” was born. Five years later, and here I am…still pursuing new and fresh ideas, still seeking meaning in the very act of creation.

A voracious reader and writer, you can find me most days with my nose in a book, rocking hot pink rain boots, sipping coffee, laughing too loud always, and discovering new artists to crush on. My heart is always longing for California, but for now I’m stuck in the Midwest always attempting to pick out the best qualities of whatever season I am in (hello winter).

Soul Revival is for any and everyone who wants to be stirred by what the soul sees. Whether wall art or make-up bags, I believe that allowing our eyes to feast on the vibrant and subtle complexities of texture and hue is vital to living our best lives. So, let’s transform our environments, uplift our moods and have some fun, shall we?