FLOURISH: A poem by Verse for the warrior in all of us
"Flourish" 4x4" ceramic tile, for sale 

"Flourish" 4x4" ceramic tile, for sale 

If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive.
— Audre Lorde


written by VersAnnette Blackman-Bosia, 2015

(for the great-greats who always knew I would)


didn’t they tell you


as sure as the sun smiles

its good morning

and trees with barren core

stand tall and proud

and even grass constantly cut and stomped on

with little regard to its beauty –

keeps growing

and that storms

no matter how turbulent

never will

drown out the sound of the ocean

nor its breathtaking composition

and clouds no matter how lightweight

find their own way to stand out amidst

the back drop of blue skies

and though often we only see dirt;

still it is comprised of soil and earth

giving birth to

seeds to stems to leaves to buds to blossoms

that only wither

when they don’t know

a breakthrough

is always possible?

Every child is an Artist. The problem is how to remain an Artist once they grow up.
— ~Pablo Picasso

Dear ones. 


I’m sorry to have to be the one to actually tell you all— that the world you’re growing up in much too complicated for us adults to take responsibility for, yet I’ve learned my greatest lessons from watching and listening to you. 


Now, most parents don’t always say the right stuff. We don’t always do the right things either. But we do our best. Lucky for you, you’re usually born with an unyielding sense of innocence, curiosity and wonder. 


I believe that is YOUR gift. You ask questions transparently, you tell us exactly how you feel, and the best part is that you are usually already telling US what we need to pay more attention to.

But sometimes we Adults don't listen. 

Now, lucky for ME --I’m an old Mama. My babies are almost grown ups...yup, my daughter will be 18, and my son will be 20!! But they still act like they are much younger...and I have learned the hard way that there’s not much I can do about it. Except be myself. 

Never settle for perfection little hearts. It just won’t happen. But you can still be the BEST version of YOURSELF!! Respect your parents. Make good choices. Follow your heart. Your big dreams and desires are apart of your BIG LIFE PLAN: PURPOSE. 

So. Whether you are 5 or 55; this ones for you and your littles. No kids? Babysit. Observe closely. They are, always. And they will always communicate honestly. We lose that along the way. 



I’m so grateful that the best lessons I’ve ever learned about the hardest times in my life cane from realizing that adults can sometimes be wayyyy more afraid of what their children think. So I just listen. Observe and live the one life I’ve been given. 


You are the future. And if you like art? You’re already an Artist. So make stuff! Be happy. Share what you make. One of my favorite quotes is by a famous artist named Pablo Picasso:  


“Every child is an Artist. The problem is how to remain an Artist once they grow up.” 


Make art with Love and Light. It always paved the way. ❤️

Spring is here!
I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers. -Claude Monet

Hey Friends!


It’s been a while since I’ve taken a moment to just sit and write. But we all know that seasons change, and life continues to go on. So much is going on in the world right now, but the best lessons I’ve learned thus far is that when I feel uncertain, or anxious or fearful of anything… the best I can do is simply just plant my feet firmly and remember that the world is in motion.


Always in motion, always changing, and no matter where we are, it’s what’s in our hearts that help us to continue to keep moving forward. No matter how difficult or challenging our life circumstance may be - we simply need to hold on, try our best to be patient, and trust in what we know. Even when we know nothing, we have to just trust that growth is a continuous  process.


Every year around Spring we see flowers pop up, and gardens become beautiful. But even as a flower continues to grow or bloom; we don’t ever actually know it’s growing until we’ve seen it blossom fully. Flowers continue to grow, but none of us is actually equipped with the kind of patience it takes to watch a flower actually grow. We simply bear witness to it. And for me, the beauty of what truly surrounds us in this life, is that we always get to choose what we bear witness to. And we bear witness to what we truly want to see. And for me, that’s where Art is SO much like growing a Garden. It takes human hands to dig up the soil, turn it over, and snatch up old roots - but that’s not all of it.


However little we know about gardens and flowers, what I’ve witnessed is that only God does the actual work of gardening. And any experienced gardener I’ve ever met will share with me how much patience, trial and error, and faith it takes. What’s always been true for me is that while I am an Artist - I’ve never thought of myself as the best, but I have held on to my own faith.


What I know for sure, is that God is the Master Artist and the Master Gardener, and while we can always take credit for the work of our hands - whether it’s planting with soil, mixing paints and colors to make art..seasons will change, and we get to choose what we hold on to. And letting go isn’t always as easy as it may seem.


But I believe that work begins and ends in the same way it has, since the beginning of all creation.  


Happy Spring Beauties! Sunshine and flowers continue to give me life and inspire me to keep moving forward, and I hope it does the same for you.