Inspiration: An Infinite Reward...

Hi beauties!

One of my favorite artists, Donna Downey has this quote on a wall in her studio in North Carolina. It seems to take on a new meaning for me each time I read it.

This year I’ve been fortunate to start exhibiting/selling my work in Arts & Craft fairs. It’s energizing, and exciting, and SO cool to be surrounded by SO many Artists at the same time!! I’ve also witnessed how that energy can be drowned byworry and anxiety. Many fellow Artists/Makers chat it up about how little they’ve sold or how slow it’s been. Some with a bit of negativity and cynicism. Others seem a bit discouraged and nervous.

And I’m no exception. I’m often exhausted before I start the day!! The work that goes into preparing for Art shows is tiresome.  Now, it’s fun to make stuff – but the work you have to put in to transport the art, tables, wall grids, easels, proper signage, etc. is intense. You have to arrive very early to set up your “store” and stay late to break it all down.

And then you have to sit there. For like, 8 hours. And be ready to greet, schmooze, and answer any questions potential buyers may have. You have to sit pretty and be “on” while they walk by, gawk or gaze at your heart’s work and call it “cute”, or say ‘Hello’ with that distant stance that says: I won’t engage because I don’t want to be persuaded into buying something, so I’ll just stand here and admire from a distance. It can be quite a vulnerable process.

Meanwhile your booth neighbors might be friendly – yet a bit on the competitive side, or not friendly at all and standoffish. Regardless of their demeanor, they will STILL mosey on over to you nosily and ask: So…how ya doin’?  (Read: Are you making any money here? And how much?).

It’s touch and go. Earnings can range between $100-$2,000. It depends on SO many factors, all outside my control, and it’s just NEVER guaranteed. But there is one consistent factor  guaranteed every time –I walk away having met amazing folks, shared stories, hugs, laughter and made authentic connections. Traded my business card for theirs and promises to connect over coffee. Sincere gratitude and kind words about how Soul Revival's mission moves them... and most of all? An inspiration that lights me up and stirs up more creative rumbling in my spirit!

Immediately after a show, I have dinner, relax a bit...then get right back in the studio to create.

And for me, there’s just no dollar amount that matches that.  
Love & Blessings!


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