What Writing A Book Really Means...

When you're a survivor, you sort of get used to telling people stories about yourself. Depending on the audience, some people will think they already know your story...others will want to know more. Either way, if you are in open dialogue with them you choose how much to share or not share depending on who you are talking to. It is a constant process of choosing how and when to tell your story.

And choosing is of the ultimate significance.

Because I have always been a writer, story-telling for me comes quite easy. What isn't so easy is the process of putting on paper what you hold close to your heart, then laying it bare before the world. It is an intimate sharing, a vulnerability unlike any other process I can think of. And you don't always get to choose the audience, the viewer, or even the critic. You cannot physically be there to silence their judgment, to answer their questions, to defend your truth. You can only be broken open, for the world to witness, dissected by those who wish to read your life with a Nazi-like grammatical eye and then publicly talk trash about you and your book.

But when people find hope in your words, can bear witness to your testimony, or feel guided through their own healing process by something you have written - it becomes more powerful than your feelings. It no longer matters what the masses say, as long as it helps someone else.

The way I see it, writing a book is a tremendous act of service, and a huge responsibility. You can write whatever you want; but you must be willing to stand by it. It is this very act that separates those who have found and operate purely in their purpose, and those who just want to write a book for the sake of writing a book.

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