Gratitude & The Amazing Truth of How Far I've Come


Every so often I get a glimpse of my life 2 years ago when I worked at a job where I felt undervalued and overworked. I can hardly believe it was just 2 years ago! I was poked, teased and taunted me about my decision to pursue Massage Therapy & art as a career. And since then people have asked me with utter shock and disbelief just how it is that I make a living doing something as menial, fun and frivolous as making art. 

But then- I get to witness how it really goes. One opportunity folds into another and into another and then I'm at a show as a vendor selling out most of my paintings. I'm invited to speak at a conference or some other event. I'm asked to facilitate, asked to share about my process and my journey and people are buying my book and telling me how powerful it was when they read it...and that they shared it with a dear friend of theirs who is going through something. 

Who woulda thunk it? 

Not me, that's for sure. I didn't really know how it would unfold. But the journey has not disappointed me yet. I have learned that while it is risky, it is also of the UTMOST significance that I continue to follow my heart and sharpen my purpose and keep reaching out for the world offering up my gifts and the returns will be endless. 

Where are you following your heart to?