When Success Feels Immeasurable (& Why You Should Keep Going Despite It)

Want some Wednesday Truth?

Sometimes I literally want to stay in my pajamas and my favorite red hearted robe all day and drink lots of coffee and just kinda, you know…disappear.

Because owning a business is scary and when I’m really truly thinking about it – it’s very hard.

Sure, when I’m only focusing on the actual work I’m doing, whether painting, writing, teaching or just sharing my love for the healing arts it’s fascinating and fun.

But when I’m managing administrative tasks, thinking about structuring, collaborating, constantly doing inventory on what is working and what is not working, then it feels daunting.

And then I start to wonder just what it is I think I’m doing.

Like, seriously? Who merges painting, poetry, massage and advocacy work as one business? Does this even make sense? Why so many components? Can’t I just choose one? Am I crazy?

Yup. Crazy passionate. About helping folks find healing, enlightenment, and creativity to feed their souls. And this is why I named my business Soul Revival. It’s really what I’m about.

I had to trust a force much bigger than me to take the leap from my stable job and income in order to breathe life into a business I had vision for but absolutely no experience with. And I have to continue to trust it in order to keeping going. Every. Single. Day. Especially when I can’t see tangible results.

See, the thing about this work is that it requires that you continue to put yourself out there. Seek opportunities. Meet people, connect the dots and share the process.

And you may never really know how big your impact is. Until one day, you notice a comment on your social media site from someone you don’t know:  

And you realize that what happens when you share your soul's work is beyond your control. If measuring success is only about dollars and sense vs. impact and visibility, then it might always feel elusive. But if what you do feels good and true to you, and someone else gleans the result of that intention, and shares it with gratitude and appreciation?

I’d say it’s a success indeed. :D