New Collection: "Pieces of The Sea"

Latest Collection, Acrylics on Canvas, August 2016. 

Latest Collection, Acrylics on Canvas, August 2016. 

Hey Beauties!

I don't know about you, but I'm about ready to depart with Summer and head on into Autumn. These days I'm slowing down, painting lots, but also making a conscious effort to allow awareness into my process. What's the reason for each stroke? What's behind my intuitive color choices? Here's a peek at my latest collection, "Pieces of The Sea" and the musings on how it came about. Enjoy! 

Pieces of the Sea collection

Life can be a lot like water. Blissfully calm, urging us to reflective, contemplative moods. When it flows, it creates a harmonious rhythm in our souls. But like water – life can also present us with storms. Turbulent waves crashing around us, threatening to drown our livelihood and dismantle our joy.

I have learned that one can be tossed about thru the various trials of life, and yet still be resurrected by joy. By embracing the things that make us curious, the things that bring us pleasure and make us feel alive again. By pursuing what we love, we stir up a revival of the soul.

         The pieces in this collection are a girls meditation on finding her way through dark times back to the light. Back to the things that spark a bright, bold, unspeakable joy.