Every child is an Artist. The problem is how to remain an Artist once they grow up.
— ~Pablo Picasso

Dear ones. 


I’m sorry to have to be the one to actually tell you all— that the world you’re growing up in much too complicated for us adults to take responsibility for, yet I’ve learned my greatest lessons from watching and listening to you. 


Now, most parents don’t always say the right stuff. We don’t always do the right things either. But we do our best. Lucky for you, you’re usually born with an unyielding sense of innocence, curiosity and wonder. 


I believe that is YOUR gift. You ask questions transparently, you tell us exactly how you feel, and the best part is that you are usually already telling US what we need to pay more attention to.

But sometimes we Adults don't listen. 

Now, lucky for ME --I’m an old Mama. My babies are almost grown ups...yup, my daughter will be 18, and my son will be 20!! But they still act like they are much younger...and I have learned the hard way that there’s not much I can do about it. Except be myself. 

Never settle for perfection little hearts. It just won’t happen. But you can still be the BEST version of YOURSELF!! Respect your parents. Make good choices. Follow your heart. Your big dreams and desires are apart of your BIG LIFE PLAN: PURPOSE. 

So. Whether you are 5 or 55; this ones for you and your littles. No kids? Babysit. Observe closely. They are, always. And they will always communicate honestly. We lose that along the way. 



I’m so grateful that the best lessons I’ve ever learned about the hardest times in my life cane from realizing that adults can sometimes be wayyyy more afraid of what their children think. So I just listen. Observe and live the one life I’ve been given. 


You are the future. And if you like art? You’re already an Artist. So make stuff! Be happy. Share what you make. One of my favorite quotes is by a famous artist named Pablo Picasso:  


“Every child is an Artist. The problem is how to remain an Artist once they grow up.” 


Make art with Love and Light. It always paved the way. ❤️