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FLOURISH: A poem by Verse for the warrior in all of us
"Flourish" 4x4" ceramic tile, for sale 

"Flourish" 4x4" ceramic tile, for sale 

If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive.
— Audre Lorde


written by VersAnnette Blackman-Bosia, 2015

(for the great-greats who always knew I would)


didn’t they tell you


as sure as the sun smiles

its good morning

and trees with barren core

stand tall and proud

and even grass constantly cut and stomped on

with little regard to its beauty –

keeps growing

and that storms

no matter how turbulent

never will

drown out the sound of the ocean

nor its breathtaking composition

and clouds no matter how lightweight

find their own way to stand out amidst

the back drop of blue skies

and though often we only see dirt;

still it is comprised of soil and earth

giving birth to

seeds to stems to leaves to buds to blossoms

that only wither

when they don’t know

a breakthrough

is always possible?

On Grief, Grace & Grit

If you've been rocking with me for a while, you're aware that earlier this year in May, I lost my younger brother, William to suicide. (at least now I can say his name). He was 32 years old. The healing process from this tragedy has left me with a lot to learn; so many feelings to process, and a greater understanding of who I am and this ever so complex thing called Emotional Wellness. 

The driving phrase I chose for 2017 was "Cultivating Radiant Joy". In January when I chose it, I told myself I was going to study and understand joy, I was going to pursue JOY and have a JOYOUS year. Yup! Happy dance type shit! All the time! What I didn't know then but definitely know now is that truly deep sorrow and Grief gives way to joy. 

There aren’t really words to tell you how this pain has cracked my soul wide open. It's such a visceral pain; the kind you can feel in your chest -- while the rest of your mind and body feel numb. On the flip side, it creates an intensity of awareness that makes you feel a connection to everything around you. You start to discern things about people you couldn’t see before. You feel the truth about situations in your spirit. 

But this connection only comes after the hardship of feeling, you know the kind that causes you to lose interest in work, being with people, or pretty much anything involving you to feel things. The kind that makes you walk around in sweatpants and not comb your hair. It's strange how even the most connectedness driven folks can push everyone and everything away and operate in that state of isolation for weeks without even noticing. And if you're anything like me, you'll do your best to avoid feeling down because it's a source of discomfort. 

And that’s where Grace comes in. 

Grace is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot. But I wanted to dig deeper for an adequate definition. Here’s what I found:: It has been defined as “the divine influence which operates in humans to regenerate and sanctify, to inspire virtuous impulses, and to impart strength to endure trial and resist temptation.” 

I binged watched TV shows, enjoyed one glass of wine too many, too often. I didn’t hang out with friends, and I barely answered my phone. Some days the “influence to regenerate and sanctify” my own soul led me to pick up my paint brush even when I didn’t feel like painting. And on some days I found an ounce of strength and endurance, but On sooooo many days I was this close to giving up. And sometimes I just DID NOTHING. And grace was being okay with that. I’d love to know, where has GRACE shown up in your life lately? Have you endured any loss this year? How are you getting thru it? Leave me a comment below. 

My newest collection, "This is Grace" will be released next week. These paintings are special and are from a beautiful place in my heart. I hope you’ll connect with these pieces, and more than that - I hope that there’s at least one that speaks to you.

Why I Love Autumn: Beautiful Death to Harvest Beautiful Life (and letting go what no longer serves us)

Something always stirs in my soul when Autumn approaches. It's the time I feel most like myself, most aligned with Mother Earth and all her longings, nuances and desires. It is a time of filling the spirit with what matters most. Shedding extra baggage I don't need. And things just seem to click! Do you feel this way?

This year, I'm even more I am starting to really paint and pursue lifestyle choices that interpret my love for all things Autumn: The delectable hues of the leaves as they fill the trees with the most beautiful death I've ever seen. The harvest moon, wreaths, burlap, deep plums, oranges, reds, autumn blooms even. Then there are more practical gems, Long walks outdoors in the cool crisp weather, Pumpkin Spice lattes, Apple Cider with Cinnamon sticks and Cloves, Football, Chili, Fall Fashion...okay I can go on and on, but I will stop there.

I wanted to share with some beautiful writing I found from my friends over at Spirit of Change ( regarding the spiritual aspect of Fall. They couldn't have articulated what happens during Autumn better. Check it out:

Fall Equinox

The seventh gateway is Mabon, the Fall Equinox (September 20-22), when once again we hang in the balance between the energies of the light and the darkness, but a very different balance than we experience in spring, for we are moving out of the light and into the darkness. As we accept the decline of the light, we also accept the gifts of the harvest. These gifts often entail healing, balance and greater strength of body, soul and spirit. 

This harvest is not only of the foods that sustain our bodies, but the harvest of another creative year of our lives. Hopefully, we have grown and matured through the year and have something new in our lives to show for it. This time of harvest is a time of celebration, but also of purification and preparation. We have to look at our values and determine which ones center us in our lives, considering how our harvest went and what new goals we might want to pursue in the coming year. 

We are preparing for the death of the year, for without death there can be no new life. This time of year teaches us how to let go of what no longer serves our life. Now life demands that we recognize that we are growing older and that we must learn how to accept the inevitable death of our youth, of our middle age and ultimately of our lives.