"In Praise of Spartan Women" Solo Exhibit featured at Palatine Library

Is it just me, or could we all use a colorful, energetic uplift?

Times are hard right now for all of us, on so many levels. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to have my work featured on two gallery walls at the Palatine Public Library in downtown, Palatine during the entire month of February. I'd love for you check it out! Here's a bit about the exhibit:
In Praise of Spartan Women

“In Praise of Spartan Women” is a collection of figurative abstracts painted intuitively on canvas. It’s actually not a collection I planned; these ladies have been showing up in my work for over a year now. I decided to gather them and create an exhibit to share because I’m a women’s empowerment junkie. I love being a woman, supporting women, and connecting with women across divides. I’m fortunate in this way; my world is a melting pot and my friends come from all over. I learn a lot, I get to witness the magic in soul stories shared. I just believe there’s so much power in our communities! The message is simple: Women are warriors. And we’re often thought of in a way that doesn’t highlight our strength enough. When we hear the term Spartan, there’s this image of men doing battle in movies like 300, or Troy, (or the warriors who fought for ancient Greece, obviously). But I think of the battles we face daily, like fighting to be seen and heard and equally valued in business. The way we raise, nurture and educate our children, the way we are hyper-sexualized but rarely respected for what we bring to the table. It drives me nuts. And art is the only way I know how to respond. That’s my contribution.

Totally understand if you can't make it, but could you share with a friend?