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Another Great Idea...(could be just what the world needs)

"a GREAT idea without execution is just another idea." -Verse

I daydream a lot. I envision teaching classes, having fun pushing paint around in a big, beautiful open, airy art studio. The walls are white, but there are rainbows of color splattered all over the floor, and I am dancing. I am dancing and teaching, dancing and laughing, dancing and healing, and there are beautiful people around me. There are women, there are men, there are people. This is my tribe, and yet this is our community.

We are all finding things in the canvas. Amidst the backdrop of puddled hues spilling vibrantly, one onto another, we can see ourselves clearly. We can see the dreams we turned our backs on. We hear the music that carries our truest intentions and weaves them into action. 

We believe again.

These are freedom moments. Defining moments. Someone realized they actually do have the courage to pick up the pieces and start over. Another feels the need to eat right. exercise. meditate more.  Another embraces their creativity. Different threads of the same fabric. We all just wanna be better.

This is my 'now' vision. And the time to execute is...