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Dear Scary Sh*t, I'm Coming For You in 2017!! (The Power of Being Scared & Doing It Anyway)

Can I tell you a secret?

I get scared. A lot.

I worry about the end results, and I get freaked out when I can’t really see what my efforts will get me. Me and Uncertainty have never gotten along well.

I’m the Queen of putting myself out there. And sometimes it totally bites me in the ass. But each bite comes with so much more wisdom and growth - that I’ve kinda become intrigued by the process. It’s like these exciting little adventures I get to go on all by myself.

I wonder what will happen if I put myself out there: What if I get rejected? What if they think I’m weird? What if nobody likes what I’ve created?

But then there’s the flipside: What if I do get in? What if they LOVE my idea? What if they say I’m exactly what they’ve been looking for?

As much as I’m the Queen of trying new things, and taking risks,  I can also be the Queen of down-playing, under-sharing, and undervaluing. I somehow have this idea that if I tell people all that I’ve done and can do...I’m somehow talking about myself wayyyyy too much. If they’ve met me as a Painter, why do I need to tell them I’m also a  Published Author, Public Speaker and Facilitator? Why mention being a Licensed Massage Therapist? Or that I’m currently completing my B.A in Social Work? Why do they need to know that I actually birthed a non-profit? And what about those 5 ½ years of bringing books and poetry to at-risk youth  in Chicago high schools?

Nah. Can’t say all that. Cause that would be bragging. Too much self-promotion. Ugh. And rather than share my accomplishments and abilities n the pursuit of divine connections and right opportunities -- I should wait for my non-existent PR person to do it for me.


Hey, friend. Here’s what I’ve learned: If the things our hearts desire are actually within our reach, then the least we can do is all we are capable of to make the dreams manifest! You might be just what somebody else needs!! We can never assume that everybody knows what we’re capable of. Do you have gifts and talents that you’d like to share and scary goals to accomplish in 2017? What are they? Tell me about the ones that make you nervous! What’s your action plan? I’d love to know. Feel free to leave me a comment below!


Peace & Blessings!!