VersAnnette Blackman-Bosia aka "Verse" reads a poem from her "Butterfly Spirit" collection (available on Amazon!). Join the Facebook group at Butterfly Spirit: Poems of Transparency, Transformation & Truth!
a broken wing doesn't mean you can't fly...


This collection is for the survivor in each of us. For anyone with dreams of flying, fluttering or overcoming. The poems in this collection span over several years of my life. Many of them are written from the darkest moments of my life, sharing experiences that I both overcame and learned a great deal about the ability of humans to heal and be resilient.

If I have learned anything at all in my journey, it’s that brokenness has the ability to shape us, give us the courage to face painful truths, overcome obstacles, learn amazing lessons, heal, and grow.  The butterfly symbolizes freedom from our past and ascension to our highest self. You can take cue from the transformation that is a core truth of my life and struggles: A broken wing doesn’t mean you can’t fly.

I was born an equation: 6+7= 7+6
an expression of inverted order,
an inversely proportioned introvert extrovert,
my first steps on a tightrope of my family’s
dysfunctional density
air so thick with poverty it could stagnate a tornado –
filled my lungs, leaving just enough space
for the dreams to survive, and on days
I am dead my spirit remains alive
my presence holy
not mine to claim, but for the one who created me
the path my ancestry laid for me –
a magnitude of passion and infinite creativity
resuscitates me
I breathe easy.

-excerpt, Bicentennial Blues (p. 7)