Paint Parties

If you've always wanted to try painting, with a group of your besties, enjoying snacks, jams and fountains of wine, this one's for you! A spin on the popular Art & Wine or Paint & Sip model --- we will NOT be asking you to replicate the ancient Artwork of dead white men; instead we invite you to tap into your own creative spirit to reconnect with the innate inspiration we're all born with! 

All painting supplies (canvas, paints, brushes, etc.) included, you provide wine, snacks and location! $50 per person, Minimum 10 attendees, two hours. For questions or to book: 

Intuitive Painting 101

What is intuitive painting? It's an act of surrender and trust that even the unknown is a terrain you can master. Although full of creative risk and vulnerable uncertainty, you can paint boldly onto a blank canvas!! 

Creativity is an act of Faith. In this workshop, we will explore the very process of creating, not for the purpose of making a pretty picture, but for the process itself. Your instructor, Verse, will guide you in exercises she's learned over the years in her own process and with the help of inspiring teachers such as Flora Bowley and Donna Downey. Techniques such as mark-making, journaling exercises to uncover myths about creativity, painting in gestural abstraction, scribbling and mixing color palettes will be used. This class is designed for anyone bold and brave enough to spend a few hours (about 3-4hrs.) exploring and discovering what you're capable of with gentle, nurturing guidance. 

$80 per person, Minimum 5 attendees. Ideal for Sisterhood gatherings, Spiritual retreats and staff team building. For questions or to book:

Soul Stories: A healing retreat

Creativity is deep soul-work. The Soul Stories retreat is geared towards those who want to experience the deeper benefits of creativity: healing, emotional breakthrough, doing the work to unblock and break down barriers. What's your soul's deepest desire?  Are you willing to allow the creative process to ask questions of you? 

 A retreat offers the opportunity for deep soul-work. Participants will be expected to be come with an area of intention, and activities will include: reflective writing assignments, light movement and breath-work, guided meditative practice such as yoga and/or walking, 1 on 1 work with a partner, sharing in circle time, and holistic cleansing/healing ritual. Each person will leave with a work of art, as a result of our intentional painting practice. There is so much healing to be had in this space. Location and dates TBD. For questions, or for creating a sacred retreat for you and yours: email us at