ChicaGO-Getter: Of Beauty, Hands & Hustle

ChicaGO-Getter: Of Beauty, Hands & Hustle


A tribute to my beloved city, Chicago...the only place I will always belong to and call home.  

This is 30 x 40 inches of gallery wrapped canvas, drenched in layers of Acrylic paints in my favorite color palette: lush teals, hints of metallic gold, silver, magenta, and violet purple. The building structures are hand carved using black gesso and the combination of a foam brush + old credit card. 

It was painted intuitively, and once I saw the skyline emerging I knew this piece would be special. It's texture and vibrancy and boldness remind of what shapes us Chicagoans. We are beautiful, vibrant people who love art, life, and aren't afraid of the hustle.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for proper varnishing and shipping. It comes wired in back and ready to hang. Please consider purchasing a frame for your investment.

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